The beat plan is, basically, a time table-cum-route map for a week/fortnight. It has 2 components:

  • the schedule of clients to be visited each day
  • the route to be followed each day

The beat plan is a quintessential for a salesperson. Carefully draft a good beat plan and stick to it to cover your sales territory effectively.

Any sales person/manager should, instinctively, consider the below 2 factors while making a beat plan.


Based on the business provided, divide your counters/dealers into classes. Say, A, B, and C, A being the highest. Then decide the frequency of visits for each class.


Consider all areas to be visited and possible travel time. Then, narrow down on routes that will help you cover maximum counters in minimum time.

Try a few combinations until you achieve the desired number of visits for all counters and shortest possible travel route.