What happens when you have a mixed bag of participants, from varied industry backgrounds, attending your very first workshop?

You experience an excellent inflow of out of the box ideas and brainstorming. Learning from each other’s experiences is an obvious advantage, not to mention the acquisition of knowledge regarding best practices in respective industries.

The Art of Execution workshop held on the 9th, 16th and 23rd June, 2018 saw people participating from different industries. The tripartite workshop aims at helping business owners set smart goals, chart out an execution plan to achieve the same and help review and monitor the progress.

Part 1: Goal Setting

The goal setting workshop made the participants realize the lacuna that they had with regards to:

– having a goal for the business in terms of a value

– communicating that goal to the team

– understanding the SWOT of the team so as to know what skill set is required for a particular activity & to set the expectations accordingly

Part 2: Execution Plan

The Execution Plan saw the maximum participation because of the unique approach of adopted by Bridging Gaps. Each participant (business owner) was asked to get their immediate second person in line who would be impactful in implementing the plan.

What was understood ,as expected, was that businesses are always highly inclined towards customer acquisition but fail to see the importance of customer retention. Another evidently, neglected area was presence of a basic hygiene on branding, in terms of using company email ids, having a website, having a social media platform, etc.

Part 3: Review & Monitor

We used the traditional way of writing in a book to get people accustomed to the input-output method. Having a weekly review in terms of sales targets as output, which can only be achieved once the right inputs are in place.

For b2b clients it was in reference to meeting new & prospective associates and creating a funnel. For others, it was with regards to having a disciplined approach of having team meetings, where things get communicated, sorted & understood by both the team members & the boss.

To assist you with reviewing and monitoring, Bridging Gaps offers weekly follow ups for 1 quarter to ensure you are in line with your goals.

The next batch of “The Art of Execution” workshop commences on the 25th of August, 2018.

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