Batch II was a special one, close to heart.

Firstly because it had 2 wonderful ladies who were instrumental in our child’s safety & education – Day Care center owners. So there was an instant connection and clarity on what needs to be in place for them to increase the number of children being entrusted to them.

Then there was a vendor with whom we have had a fantastic working relation for 8+ years, so we could automatically put ourselves in his shoes to understand his perspective and point out discrepancies.

We also had a mix of people from various other industries like wall paper designing, e-retailer for children’s toys and gifts, etc. This allowed for discussions varied in nature and offering great insights for the participants.

This was a small group and hence there was immense discussion on each business ranging from business strategies to live case studies. This helped the participants to bond and  gain in-depth knowledge about each other’s industries.

The resulting synergy, allowed business relationships to form where the participants took up services from other participants, helping each other grow.