Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you – Oprah Winfrey

Passion, a nice sounding word, but one of the most difficult to awaken in an individual, let alone a team. However, once manifested in a team, it results in an absence of “difficult tasks” and the craving for interesting activities that push them to work together and perform better, increases.

Similarly, the flip side, a lack of passion shows its effect on the entire team.

Hence it forms the foundation on which organization performs and achieves desired goals.

Passion can be instilled in two ways:

–          Passion for each other in the team: gives them strength, courage and inspiration to achieve the goals together and for everyone.

–          Shared passion for the customer: lets you acquire and retain clients needed for your growth and success.

We conducted the Passion workshop, which was Part II of the 4-part Business Alignment workshop for a group of 15 people from Sonal Plastics. While we all know the relationship between inspired teams and great business growth, what remains unclear is the formula to create inspired teams that are willing to work in tandem to create a road to success. This workshop aimed at doing just that. Trying to inspire and ignite the passion in individuals and in turn, teams, so they understand the dynamics of working in a team while excelling themselves.

Workshops often spend time on redundant group activities. However, our workshop aimed at achieving the goal with just ONE activity executed by the team together. It’s the simplest and most effective method of getting the objective across. The group was further divided into teams to ensure maximum interaction and brainstorming. This also helped keep spirits high and made sure everyone was active and did not lose focus. The workshop focused on making people passionate about their work, about improving themselves while being part of a team, and it was all accomplished through teamwork, communication and coordination.

It concluded with a goal-oriented task sheet that pushed them to think smart and would help him / her to review and monitor the result producing activities.


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