Client relationship is at the heart of sales. After all, people do business with people. Building a solid professional bond goes a long way in improving your sales figures. Like personal relationships, professional ones need effort, take time, and require tact. Here is some advice on how to befriend your client.


  • Dress well so that the client feels he is interacting with a mature professional.
  • Focus on listening to your client. Engage the client by asking questions. This will help you know the client.
  • Talk an other-oriented language. What is in it for your client? How will your client benefit?
  • Remember to maintain the relation even after closing a deal. Send a thank you note.
  • Stay in touch with the client. Befriend him on social networks like Facebook. Send a wish or an interesting read on whatsapp.


  • Don’t over-exaggerate or over-sell. Be genuine.
  • Don’t create awkward situations like inviting the client for a family function.
  • Don’t flood the client with random forwarded messages on social media/whatsapp or mail.