This blog is the second of our Drive Revenues through Objective Practices in Sales (DROPS) series.

Fear of Numbers

Having a goal is the first step to growth. (Read: The second step is to have a roadmap of how to achieve this goal. This roadmap should essentially be made up of 2 kinds of numbers:
1. Which milestones should you cross to reach the goal?
2. How long should you take for each milestone?

Time, of course, can be easily measured. Milestones, in this case, should be based on how you want to quantify progress. You may find this a stumbling block and wonder if everything can be measured. Believe us, it can. Everything in business can be assigned a number!

Let’s say your goal is to be the largest player in your industry in your city.
You could look at several numbers: what is the sales figure or market share of the current largest player or what sort of sales growth is expected in your sector.

For instance, say your current market share is 20% and doubling it to 40% would make you numero uno. You have a very workable number here: a 20% increase in market share.
This number can be used to arrive at several smaller milestones like
• Increase of 5% market share every year
• Growth of 10% in sales every year
• Addition of 40 new territories every 6 months

Many such numbers can follow. In fact, these milestones can be reflected in each salesperson’s target.

The critical point is to assign numbers to your goals and milestones. This can be done only if you let go of your fear of numbers and logically juggle them to arrive at figures that matter to you. Figures that you want to achieve.

Achieving these numbers could be a daunting task requiring meticulous implementation, but that we leave for another day!