In the early minutes of the movie Rockstar, Khatana bhai tells the protagonist, Janardhan, how the lack of a painful heart is hindering his growth as a singer. Unfortunately, or fortunately, as the movie progresses, Janardhan experiences a lot of heartache and achieves great success as a musician.

Many a stories describe how exemplary entrepreneurs have gone from rags to riches, from bankruptcy to billions.

No doubt, the lack of resources or money is a great driver to succeed in life. But, does a privileged childhood have to lead to complacency? Certainly not. Then how does one motivate oneself to achieve more?

  1. Create your challenge

Challenges drive us to work harder. Seek a new challenge.  Don’t give up till you have solved it. Continue this pattern. In some years, you will reach farther than you could have imagined.

  1. Try to make a difference

Think of how your business can solve problems. Think of how it can better lives. Think of how it can impact the bigger picture. Think to make a difference.