Your salesperson has vowed a prospect for a long time and is eager to hear the “yes.” Will he pass on the last-minute discount the client is asking for? Most likely, he will.

But, giving discounts may not be great for business. Instead, negotiations (wherein both parties stand to gain something) are what you should be training your sales team for.

Even when near closure, your sales team needs to keep their cool and focus on capturing a good deal. However, a salesperson may not feel empowered to ask the client for commitments. As a regional sales manager or business owner, you could formulate some guidelines that encourage the salesperson to pass on the discount but, in return, gain something that benefits your business. For example, the salesperson could ask for:

  • A larger order
  • Longer duration of business
  • Placement of your product at a better display position
  • Order for other related products/service
  • Exclusivity
  • Some promotional benefit

As far as possible, there should be something in it for your business.