This blog is the first of our Drive Revenues through Objective Practices in Sales (DROPS) series.

Think Big, Think Goals

Your thinking has the biggest impact on your sales. Let’s start with a very pivotal question. Why are you into this business? To have a good living? This is no longer the age when the motive to run a business is to support a joint family. Today, businesses are growing, spreading, sprawling across boundaries, making huge profits and doing good for the nation as well as society. There is not any dream that cannot be achieved.
May be at the start, profit was the most important factor and you did whatever came your way. Now that your business is at a reasonable scale, it is time to plan ahead and grow. How do you change your outlook and hence the destiny of your business?

Goal Setting.

Goals not only shape the working of a business but also give timely direction and structure to march your business to a bigger success.
Therefore, the better you set goals, the more will your business prosper. While setting goals, consider where you want to see your business in a defined time frame. Let’s say a year or two. Depending on your business type and your current position, your goals could be:
• Increasing your sales and revenue
• Starting new projects or launching new products
• Spreading your business to multiple locations within our state/country
• Entering an International market
Your goal might be different from these. But, it is crucial you have one. It is equally crucial to have a goal that better defines your work progress and gives you a scale to compare performance.
So, think of your goal today and stay tuned as we take you from goals to growth with DROPS.