We focus on the strengths of each person. In “Bridging Gaps” people are doing what they’re good at!

Manisha Rastogi

A visionary and motivator, Manisha, first, brings to the table a positive air of belief in the business goals. This coupled with her assertiveness and proactive nature sets the wheels moving. A meticulous planner, she works out every detail. A weird mix of persistence and impatience keeps her restless until your targets are reality.

Professional experience: After Surviving a B School, Manisha had a two-year stint at Matsushita Electric Works (Sales representative office of National Panasonic). Having proved mettle in setting up a Distribution network, she joined Sify (Satyam Infoway) where she gained experience in managing franchiseesincreasing retail salesunderstanding consumer behaviour, and implementing BTL activities; she then moved to handling new product/service launches, understanding the workings of niche market segments, and conceptualising innovative BTL activities.

Salil Arekar

Equipped with an analytical mind and clear task-driven thinking, Salil simplifies things, making everything complex easy to implement. He sets high standards for efficiency and consistency; at the same time, he is practical enough to acknowledge the caveats facing any execution and is a great team player.

Professional experience: Salil started his career with hardcore sales at Standard Chartered Bank and moved up the ladder in HDFC Ltd. mastering the skills for Customer service & Credit assessment. He then worked for the 2 biggest telecom giants, namely, Vodafone and Reliance where he excelled at risk management, credit evaluation, operations management, analytics, team management & process management. After 8 years in this industry, his true calling beckoned. It was time to channelize the learning gained from experiences of so many years towards a single focused element: IMPLEMENTATION.

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