Our workshops are designed keeping in mind the self-learning methodology. Our belief is that, only when one realises the areas of improvement within, can one really grow.

As with our consultancy services, “Execution” & “Doing it” form the core of our workshops. However, equally important is the frequency of these workshops. Doing it once is a half-baked attempt to change. To make it a habit, we strongly recommend planning a quarterly schedule.

Sales Excellence – SME Program



As it’s often said, “Excellence is not a skill that can be taught, it’s an attitude”. Our Sales Excellence – SME program is not just a one-off wonder, but a continuous process. The SE – SME is a 12 month long program that requires the business owner to invest just one Saturday, every month, to ensure discipline of setting a Review & Monitoring Mechanism for 100% achievement of the Annual Sales Plan.

Apart from Goal Setting, Execution Strategy and Review Mechanism, the program also covers 12 important Sales Enabler Tools.

Art of Execution



A powerful program that keeps you, the business owner ahead of the curve consistently. Sometimes, un-learning can be the quickest highway to success. Our aim in this Weekend Workshop is to help you break the shackles of stagnancy in your business & grow it at least 2X faster than your industry average.

Next Workshop Dates: 1st and 2nd June

Business Alignment


The truest essence of team work comes from a smooth & synchronised functioning of inter-departments in an organisation.

Our Business Alignment Workshop has its ground work on getting the various teams to know each other, to value each other’s contribution and to scale up in tandem.

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